Sunday, April 6, 2008

M-Scary Lullaby Lyrics

Hush Little Baby
Don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird...

The first three lines of this song are enough to scare me.  A couple of years ago there was a mockingbird that built a nest in my yard.  I saw it one day and was pointing it out to my sister when the mama mockingbird saw me.  From that point on I could not go into my backyard without that crazy bird coming at me.  It was insane!  Neil could mow the yard and other people could go back there, but I couldn't even raise the blinds in my living room to look at my backyard without that crazy bird trying to peck my eyes out.  

It's because of this I decided to look up the lyrics to this lullaby.  I knew nothing good could start with mockingbirds (except for one of my all time favorite books To Kill A Mockingbird.) As it turns out, the rest of the lyrics are equally horrible.  Diamond rings that turn to brass, looking glasses that break, carts and bulls that turn over... wait, did I just say 'carts and bulls?' That's right, it's in there.  Why do we sing this song?  I think from now on I'll stick to the one about the baby falling out of the treetop.  


Audrey said...

That's always disturbed me too. Just wait until he starts playing ring around the rosy with other kids. Go look that one up!

Ledbetter Fam said...

You crack me up! But, you did make me start thinking about all of the lullabies and stuff. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you've had a wonderful day!


KT said...

When I was young, I had birds attack me for my hair b/c they thought the bright color would be good for nesting material. I realize this is slightly off-topic but I know how you feel about crazy birds!

Stefani said...

Why were all of the lullabys so stinkin' creepy or about death and distruction? That should be a form of child abuse, LOL!