Thursday, July 10, 2008

N - Independence Day

Mary, Joel and I drove to Houston for the holiday weekend. We stopped in Arlington on the way down to pick up Mary's uncle David. David's daughter, Mary's cousin, Jana Kay lives in Kingwood near Mary's parents. Jana Kay and her husband welcomed their first child on July 3, Jayden. We were still a couple of hours north of Houston when she made her arrival but we got to see her several times over the weekend. She's a very pretty baby girl. We enjoyed the Kingwood fireworks on the 4th. Here is a family picture before the fireworks started.

Joel already enjoys watching sports on TV. Now I've started teaching him to like to play sports. No golf clubs yet but here is a picture of Joel going after the basketball.

Joel is really active now, especially in his crib. Here is a picture of him in the process of getting ready for bed. He's a really happy little guy about 98% of the time.


Ledbetter Fam said...

Oh he's so sweet!!! I'm a little jealous that you've already seen my sweet neice, but I'm also so glad that you were able to share in that exciting time with JK. I just wish some of y'all could've been around when I had my babies. That's cool!


TacoDave said...

Well, howdy!

I just stumbled on your blog through the Bosley blog and thought I'd say hello.

I've wondered how you've been doing in the past eight years or so, and from the looks of things, you've been doing great!

Drop me a line sometime.


TacoDave said...

Hey! How come nobody approved my comment?


Did you not recognize me? It's Dustin. From OC. Hi!

Kelsey said...

I love your family pic, it's so cute!