Friday, May 22, 2009

M- Such a boy

I don't know how to describe this kid as anything other than "all boy". He's always dirty, getting into trouble, being stubborn, and getting hurt. Here's a classic picture of him with two black eyes that his uncle Mike took. This was after a couple of days, so they had both started to heal at this point. He got them by climbing on things he shouldn't have been climbing on like bowls and coffee tables, and by running into a column he didn't see because he was too busy looking behind him as he ran. Just had to share.


Ledbetter Fam said...

So sweet! I feel that way about all of my boys, but Wade and Joseph have got to be my worst by far. It always seemed that Wade had a bruise on his forehead and Joseph's legs look horrible!!! There are bruises all up and down them. Those are some really cute black eyes.


Hill said...

Hey Mary,

He looks like you when someone wakes you up too early! Well, minus the black eyes, I guess. :)

Thank you for these posts. I can sleep better at night being updated on you guys!