Tuesday, August 11, 2009

M- Puppy Love

Joel loves dogs (woof woofs). Every time he sees one he barks at it until he can't see it anymore. The funny thing is that he generally won't touch them. This was not the case last night though. He had a great time with Buddy. Here are some pictures Uncle Mike took.

First they played chase.

Then Joel fell down and Buddy attacked.

At first, Joel thought it was funny.

Once he'd had enough, he decided to practice his martial arts skills to get Buddy to go away.


Kimberly said...

Joel is so grown up...Evelyn has a love/fear relationship with dogs...Joel is very brave!

Jana said...

That is precious! And...you are in BIG trouble! I can't believe you were here for an entire week and didn't even call! :P Grrrr.... Love you!