Wednesday, March 31, 2010

M- How Time Flies

Our lives have been pretty crazy over the last couple of months. I didn't realize how crazy until I decided to try to catch my blog up to date. So, here are a few highlights since Clay has been born.

When Clay was two weeks old, we had to check back in to the hospital. He got RSV, a respiratory virus that's pretty dangerous for infants to get. Luckily, he has a strong immune system and was able to fight it off quickly. Below is a picture of him in the hospital with an IV in his head. Supposedly, that's the best place to give those to babies because they aren't always tugging at it and it's a big vein. I can't help but feel sorry for him when I look at this picture though.

Another one of Clay in the hospital
We've had to keep a close eye on Joel because he loves his baby brother a little too much at times. What once started as me telling Joel to "be soft" while touching Clay's head, has turned in to a sort of game for Joel. He now thinks Clay "is soft" and loves to rub his head. Poor Clay, one day he'll be able to defend himself. Until then, he'll endure a lot of high fives and noogies (I have no idea how to spell that word). At two months, Clay weighed 11.6 pounds (35%) and was 22 inches long (10%).

Here are a few pictures of what he looks like now:

Clay with Grandpa

Clay with Granny

For spring break, Joel, Clay and I went to Kingwood. We caravanned with Jill, Michaela and Nick from Allen. The boys were real troopers in the car. Neither one complained too much. We went to the Houston Zoo, the Aquarium, had an egg hunt and picnic. Joel and Nicholas had a great time together. It was really sweet to see them interact with each other. Unfortunately, my camera was dead at the time, so I don't have any pictures to share. Luckily, Jill and my mom took some, so hopefully I'll get those soon.

Joel has really been loving his friends Dax and Jack lately. We try to go to the Science Museum or to the Zoo with one or both of them as often as we can.

Joel on the playground at the Zoo

Joel and Jack at the new Children's Zoo area
Dax, Jack and Joel on the lion statues
Jack, Joel and Dax at the Science Museum

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