Monday, May 3, 2010

N - Boys getting down and dirty

Lately we Ferguson boys have found a variety of ways to get messy. Since the weather turned nice, Mary has been taking Joel and Clay to the OKC Zoo once or twice a week. There are several animals Joel likes to see but his true favorite is playing in the kids water park area. A change of clothes is a must.

I couldn't let the boy top me so I set the bar a little higher and competed in the Warrior Dash this past weekend in Forney, TX. If you're otherwise unfamiliar, think of it as 5K run meets obstacle course with lots of mud and a couple of fire pits. Here is an "after" picture.

Clay has a knack for making messes as well but seeing as how it's not really appropriate to take pictures of THAT, we had him pose in Daddy's Warrior Dash viking helmet and medal. We told him to make his meanest, nastiest warrior face. This is the best he could do. Scary huh?

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Jana said...

So precious! Okay...I know now why God didn't give me boys. I would love the process of getting muddy, but cleaning up is NOT my thing!