Saturday, September 11, 2010

N - Vacation day 1 & 2

We loaded up the family truckster on Thursday with San Antonio in our sights. After a brief respite in Arlington with Mary's Uncle David and Aunt Karan, we arrived in Dublin, TX Friday for lunch and a tour at the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling company. Although I'm not necessarily a fan of the Pepper, I happen to be married to someone who is. They actually rename the town Dr. Pepper, Texas for one week a year each June. Here is a picture of said Dr. Pepper fan with the city limit sign.

The tour was interesting and we enjoyed the break from being in the car. We drove the Texas Hill Country backroads from Dublin to the thriving metropolis of Luckenbach, Texas made famous by Waylon Jennings. This is probably my 2nd favorite Waylon Jennings song. Any guesses as to the first? The Dukes of Hazzard theme song of course! But I digress . . .

Here's a picture of Joel, Clay and I in front of the Luckenbach General Store. As Mary was taking this picture she got stung by some sort of bee or wasp. It left a huge stinger in her leg. All three residents of Luckenbach were very concerned for her and suggested several questionable remedies including holding a raw onion on the sting. It must have worked because she has survived although it is still red and a bit swollen.

Saturday brought day 1 at Sea World. We were really looking forward to Joel getting to see the whales live and in person. He's been watching the videos online for several weeks. From the pictures below I think Shamu did not disappoint.

We plan to go to church tomorrow morning with some SYC friends and then day 2 at Sea World. I'll post some pictures of the Shamu show and the very impressive Azul show as well.

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adam said...

Looks like great family fun (except for the bee stings)! Blessings on your travels and your memories.