Tuesday, November 13, 2007

M - Another Sweet Nephew

As of 8:00 this morning, Neil and I have another nephew! Nicholas Brian is 8 pounds and 20 inches. That's a big boy! I have to admit it's a little unfair that my sister had her baby first since her due date was three days after mine, but I'm over it. I couldn't be a more excited aunt.

Neil and I have 4 nephews and 3 nieces, and I can't help but think we'll be better prepared parents for it. (Although next month when I'm about to pull out my hair because I'm so tired, don't rub salt in the wounds by reminding me of that statement.) No seriously, we have been so blessed to be a part of each of their lives. We've seen the three boys be, well, boys. They've caught frogs from the park behind their house, caught many catfish, and picked on their little sister (but don't worry she (Katie and Lily) can take care of herself). Our nieces, of course, are perfect angels and would never be stinkers. Wait! I can't be talking about any of our nieces. Katie tears the arms off frogs, Michaela can get me to do just about anything, and I'm a little afraid to see what Lily has in stow for me (especially if she's anything like her mommy).
Thinking about all 7 of these little imps makes me wonder if we're really prepared to be parents after all. Yikes! I guess we don't have a choice in the matter any longer.


Jen said...

Yay! Welcome to the dark side!! I better hear about baby Joel on the phone before I read about him on this blog or you are in trouble!!

Melanie said...

Woohoo! Another blog to read! Don't worry, it is almost over...or just starting, however you want to look at it.