Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Today is December 26 and Mary, Joel and I are 2/3 of the way into our Christmas celebrations. We opened gifts at my parents' house on Sunday afternoon. My Grandma, who recently celebrated her 98th birthday, got to meet Joel for the first time. My grandma was born in Oklahoma a few years after statehood. While attending school in Jones, OK, she played basketball. One of the venues for their games was the Round Barn in Arcadia. She is literally a world traveler having served as a missionary in Kenya, Australia, and the small Caribbean Island of Cayman Brac, among other places.

Monday, Christmas Eve, my brother Joel and I helped my dad clear a bunch of limbs from the recent ice storm. It was a fun excuse to ride a 4wheeler and run a chain saw. Liam and Luke helped as well. They both felt pretty sure that this selfless act secured their spot on Santa's "Nice" list.

After a great Christmas Day lunch at Joel and Stefani's house, Mary and I returned to Edmond where we exchanged gifts. I got Mary a small digital camera for her to keep in her purse/diaper bag. Here is a cute picture she took of Joel and a mom/son self-portrait.

We look forward to the coming weekend with Mary's family in Texas. I trust that God is blessing you during this Christmas season.

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sgtboz said...

Great grandma stories! Thanks for sharing. Soak up as many of those stories as you can so you can tell Joel a little more about his heritage some day.