Saturday, March 1, 2008

N - What's Been Going On

Sorry for not posting anything in a couple of weeks. Two weekends ago Mary, Joel and I drove to McAlester to visit Grandma Mary. We spent some time looking through old photographs. The picture below shows all but 1 of the cousins (Jana Kay would come along a year or so later). Mary is the youngest in the picture. This is the first baby picture we've seen of Mary since Joel was born. I can see the family resemblence, can't you?

Among the old photos were several Vmail letters that Grandpa Emmitt had mailed home during WWII. Every single piece of correspondence was read before being sent so that details regarding their location and activities could be scratched out. At the time Grandma didn't even know if he was in Europe or the Pacific although she suspected Europe since he sailed out of New York. It was certainly different from the entitled media culture we have today.

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Jana Kay said...

I have always loved this picture (even though I'm not in it)! :) I would love to go through some of that old stuff. Did she still have the green box that held all the food stamps they lived off of? Oh so fun!