Tuesday, May 13, 2008

M - A little catching up

I apologize to all of our fans out there for not keeping you up to date on the life and times of our little family. I'm pretty sure I'm only addressing my grandma and my dad. I think everyone else gave up on us a long time ago.

I made it through my first Mother's Day with only a few tears. Neil had a cradle blanket that belonged to Grandpa Emmitt framed with a picture of Grandpa as a baby and a picture of him holding Joel. It was the perfect gift and definitely made me cry.

We've started tearing up our tile floors. There's a little dust in the air and it's not fun to walk around in bare feet. But, it means progress. We've had four tiles torn out for a year, and we've finally started the replacement process.

Apparently, the people who lived here before us didn't bother to get all the glue off before they laid their tile down. So, that means we have to go through two layers of glue before our tile gets to be put down. It's such a mess!

Here are a few pictures of Joel enjoying some of his favorite things.

The Johnny Jumper
The ExerSaucerThe Swing

I know he doesn't look like he's having fun in the swing, but that's how he fell asleep in it. This last picture is purely for me, and those of you who claim to know me will know why.


Kelsey said...

Mary! I thought about you on Mother's Day. I hope you enjoyed your first one! Joel is getting so big and cuter by the day. Miss you!

Dana said...

That DP pic is the cutest picture EVER of him! I love it! I also like the one with the yellow nose.

Hillary said...

Hey! He looks so much older since I saw him! He looks like his cousin Noah. Especially the last pic! And what's the deal there, do you like to use a lot of pepper on your food?


Ledbetter Fam said...

I can't believe that you thought I had given up on you. Have you read my blog lately? I'm not much better than you. Joel is getting so big and he is soooo cute!!! Happy 1st Mother's Day!


Young Fam said...

Hey Mary! Joel is so cute, I was "blog stalking" and ran across your blog...it looks like things are going great! Have a good day!

Hillary said...

Joel....JOEL!!! Where are you???