Tuesday, September 30, 2008

N - More pictures for Granny

Joel is getting to be pretty smart.  Yesterday he and I were playing with one of his toys that has small blocks.  I set one of the blocks on top of his head.  He looked up to see it and of course the block fell off.  We did that a couple of times and then went on to something else.  Tonight we were on the floor together and he was holding one of his blocks.  He tried to set it on top of my head.  He did it several times.  I don't know how he remembered but I thought it was pretty cute.  Speaking of cute, here's a picture of Joel's baby blues.

Mary recently bought a zoo pass.  I surprised Mary one day, took off work, and we had a family day at the zoo.  Joel seems to really like it which is good since we're planning on shelling out about $70 to hit the world famous San Diego Zoo in a week or so.  Here is a picture of him with one of the OKC gorillas.

We went to Tulsa a couple of weeks ago for Luke's birthday party.  We also got to stop and see my Grandma.  Here's a picture of Joel with his Great-Grandma.

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Kimberly said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys next week! Bring your swim suits...it is the "hot" time of year here and the pool feels great!