Friday, October 31, 2008

N - Thunderstruck

Queue AC/DC . . . NBA basketball in OKC is officially underway!

Mary and I were able to attend the first ever game of Oklahoma City's new NBA team, the Thunder. For a sports fan, it was really exciting to be a part of history. Who knows, 20 years from now no one may care but I like being able to say "I've been there" or "I've seen that". That's why I'm road-tripping to North and South Dakota next year. I'm going! You wait and see!

The loudest applause during the player introductions went to former OSU Cowboy Desmond Mason. My brother and I were at Gallagher-Iba when Mason was a freshman and broke the backboard with a slam dunk during the first Cowboys basketball practice. I've enjoyed watching him ever since. Although there were few Thunder highlights on Opening Night (the team has a ways to go) but Mason had the best and I happened to catch it on camera. Enjoy!

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