Sunday, September 13, 2009

N - Chicago Vacation 9/5/2009

Mary, Joel and I woke up to cloudy, humid weather in Rolla, MO this morning. We didn't make it to Rolla until about 10:30pm last night. We would have been here sooner if not for a detour through Ozark, MO to eat at Lamberts, home of the "Throwed Rolls". There was over an hour wait but we decided to tough it out. It was definitely worth it. You all know my affinity for rolls. However when you combine that with throwing and catching it becomes simply irresistible. I've attached a picture of Mary catching a roll. However if you know Mary, you know this picture was staged. Joel enjoyed the balloons and watching the model train in the waiting

Today we plan to drive to Naperville, IL and will stay with Adam and Christina Mearse. Along the way we play to stop at either the Meramec Caverns or several Abraham Lincoln sites in Springfield, IL. Whatever we miss today we'll probably pick up on the way back next week.

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