Sunday, September 13, 2009

N - Chicago Vacation 9/8/2009

This morning we drove to the Museum of Science & Industry. It an impressive building. The museum is massive with something for everyone. Of course the main attraction for Mary was the Harry Potter exhibit. They had over 200 items from various Harry Potter movies. Even for the casual movie fan such as myself it was pretty impressive. Joel and I enjoyed the quidditch interactive game the most. Here is a picture of Mary with the Flying Ford Anglia which transported the Weasley brothers to Hogwarts in the 2nd movie (or so I'm told).

After the museum we ate lunch at the Frontera Grill. This is one of Rick Bayless' restaurants in Chicago. For the uncultured or uninformed, Rick Bayless is a master chef of some sort and recently won the Top Chef contest on BravoTV. Mary has been watching it and cheering for him. He is actually from OKC and his parents started The Hickory House BBQ restaurant. I had flour tortillas folded over Samuels artisanal melted cheese and grilled shrimp with smoky, spicy chipotle peppers served with black beans and young greens (AKA quesadillas).

We went for a swim in the hotel pool this afternoon and snuck out on the balcony to snap a picture of the Oprah festivities.

Tonight we took the "L" down to the Chicago White Sox game. We didn't have tickets but really lucked out and got FREE tickets in the lower level between home plate and 3rd base. Someone had extras and gave them to the ticket window clerk. We just happened to be the lucky couple that walked up at the right time!

The home team fell behind early so there weren't many moments worth cheering for but Joel took advantage of every opportunity.

The scouts were all over us before we got out of the cages.

We're hitting the road again tomorrow. Have a great 9/9/09.

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